Pain = Creativity = Purpose

Creativity overflows me when I am in some sort of pain. I realized it just now. Maybe, it’s like a volcano. What does a volcano do, what is its purpose? I know that the islands of Hawaii was formed from several volcano eruptions. And now, it’s a majestic place that healed my heart some several years back.

When a volcano is ready to erupt, there’s activity inside that I suppose been happening a long time ago before people see what’s happening on the surface. Then boom. Eruption.

Life taught me over and over again that after pain, comes the lessons in life, those massive realizations and golden tales you tell your kids, or in my case, my nieces and nephews, that imparts who you are.

I used to be scared of pain. I dread it. I don’t like it. I don’t like while I’m in pain. But life taught me that when I embrace the pain and channel it to something my heart’s been longing to express (or erupt, just like the volcanoes), something’s good is going to come out of it. When I start trusting myself of my purpose vs to forcing myself to be like someone else’s version of eruption.

I learned to be friends with my pain now. To ask it, what’s going on. To hold it and say, hey let’s figure this out together. It’s like Chicken soup. Makes you feel better but still let your body heals itself.

Warms you up.

Pain. Fuels me to write. Forces me to stop and listen to my heart.

Pain is needed.




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