About Me

Hi my loves!

Shortest Version: I’m Van, I love (Jollibee) fried chicken with gravy and white rice, fashion, inspiring stories and I don’t like negative people.

Shorter Version: I love life. I am super fascinated by everything around me, from the trees, to the skies, to the people who either makes me laugh, cry or makes me want to question their existence, from exhilarating adventures to the mushy ones. I take them apart and try to understand life’s lessons and gifts.

Short Version: I’m born and raised in the Philippines, went to the US (Chicago, IL USA) last 2011 with my two red luggages thinking it’ll only be a year assignment then I’m coming home. Nope. The Universe has it’s funny and painful way of synchronizing everything. My one year assignment turned to what seem to be a new place I’m living since I married my husband last 2014 in Oahu, HI. How did I end up there? Ask God, the angels, Universe (or discover from my posts), but I believe that I was where I’m supposed to be. Still Am. Now, I’m living in San Diego, CA with my husband, and who knows where I’m heading next.

Life is an adventure, let’s enjoy and cry together!