Imperfectly Perfect Life

I was raised to always strive for perfection. I had to always be the number one in school, should be the prettiest, should be the most responsible for my siblings.

I walked everyday of my thirty-two years of existence striving for perfection. I’m not thirty two anymore but it was when my eyes were opened. Anything less than perfect was not worthy of any attention.

I am fully aware when this started. I was maybe six or seven years old, I remember walking giddily, Read More

The Joy of Opening to Life’s Lessons

I have always been fascinated with life. I ask a lot of questions but I don’t always get answers. I used to get so worked up whenever that happens. I need answers! I learned though that it’s not that answers aren’t available, it’s a question of whether  I’m open to hearing it. You’ve heard it before, Read More

Starting Over

New beginnings, starting over, fresh start, however you want to call it.. it’s an inevitable part of life. It is scary and one can easily dread it. I quit my job about  Read More

My Life, My Message

My title is a borrowed quote from Mahatma Gandhi. I don’t know a lot about him but when I saw a wall decor in my favorite yoga studio with these words, Read More